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Having a cluttered living space can be a big source of stress and anxiety. You're more prone to losing things in a messy home and the clutter can become a safety risk. Don't let junk cramp your style -call the experts at Junky Donkey to clear out your home. We're the leading junk removal company in Orlando, FL, and we provide full-service cleanouts.

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    Providing Junk Removal Services in Orlando, FL and the Surrounding Area

    Providing an array of services for your junk removal needs

    The importance of a clean space doesn't only apply to your home. If you're a business owner or property manager, you know the importance of keeping those spaces clean too. We provide junk removal services to accommodate your circumstances. Call us when you need:

    • Residential junk removal services
    • Commercial junk removal services
    • Apartment or rental cleanout services
    • House or estate cleanout services
    Whether you're tackling an estate cleanout or commercial junk removal project, Junky Donkey has your back. Turn to us for your junk removal needs.

    You'll feel lighter with less clutter

    Don't spend any more time stressed about your junk-filled space. Hire the experts at Junky Donkey for full-service cleanout work. Our years of experience and affordable prices make us a top choice for a local junk removal company. Prices start at just $89, which includes all dumping fees. Call 407-337-2617 now to make an appointment.